Most of the people have misused the advantages of a credit card whenever they want to go
shopping and drinking beers on weekends. These types of card owner usually tend to settle
their accounts beyond the deadline, causing them to suffer in financial stress.
There is an appropriate time to use it, and when you should not deprive yourself using the
credit card?
1. Food
Bringing packed lunch during those days that you have overload tasks at work is not
enough to maintain your productivity. Starving yourself will only block your creativity and
interrupts your productivity. Participating in a meeting requires you to state your opinion
or share some insights, if you’re hungry for almost two hours, you cannot collaborate
2. Transportation
Waiting for a taxi with a vacant seat for an hour is exhausting, use your credit card to
pay for a Grab ride and go home early. Just think of the few remaining hours you still have
in a day, time for your family and yourself to relax and be ready for the following busy day.
3. Medical
Do you feel sick for the past few days due to a cough and colds? Do not hesitate to go for a
check-up and use a credit card as your payment. It’s better to visit a doctor if you are not
feeling well rather than to be absent for several days at work. Being absent at work affects
your workflow, as well as your salary for the next cut off, will be deducted.
4. Meditate
If you’re losing your passion at work or even to the activities you normally attend as your
stress reliever, this is the best time to take advantage of your card. Getting away from all

the stressors once in a while is a valid reason to use your card. It’s more like loving yourself
when no one else can make you feel appreciated.
Be responsible when using your card to prevent yourself from financial stress. Only use it
when you have to.

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